Wednesday, April 04, 2007

SanFran Nan and Her Terrorist Friends

It is highly unusual for high ranking congressional officials to travel to enemy states when the State Department has asked them not to. The reason is that it is important for the United States to have unity of foreign policy. Because the President is constitutionally charged with foreign policy Congressmen usually defer when asked.

So why has Nancy Pelosi traveled to Syria to have a photo op with one of the greatest sponsors of terrorism around the world? You have probably heard the old saying “my enemy’s enemy is my friend.” I think that is the case here. Syria hates Bush because he is fighting its terrorist friends around the world. Pelosi hates bush because he is standing in the way of Democratic dominance.

It is important to look at the motives for both. Syria wants the Pelosi visit so it can have the picture of the United States Speaker of the House meeting with President Assad. They hope this will increase the legitimacy of Syria around the world at the same time defusing the effectiveness of the Bush administration. This is important because the Bush administration has been successful in isolating the terrorist sponsoring state. Syria hopes this visit will strengthen its position in the world. A stronger Syria means a more terrorism.

Pelosi also wants to use the visit to weaken the Bush administration. She is hoping that by making high profile visits to countries like Syria she can inject herself into the arena of foreign policy and limit Bush’s ability to achieve his foreign policy goals. But to achieve her goals, Pelosi needs to simultaneously aid Syria in it terrorist agenda. It seems to me that Pelosi is pushing her own agenda at the expense of aiding world terrorism. That is truly appalling behavior.

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