Friday, April 06, 2007

Manufacturing Scandal: Part Three

Now that the Democrats have taken control of Congress they are in full strength investigation mode. The problem for them is that this administration has not done anything wrong. So what do the Democrats do? They make up scandals. First was the so called US Attorneys scandal. Despite the fact that the President acted within his constitutional authority and there is NO evidence of any improprieties, this has been the lead story for weeks.

Now the Democrats are setting their sights on President Bush’s recess appointment of Sam Fox to be Ambassador to the Netherlands. Mr. Fox was nominated but he ran into trouble in the Senate. It seems that he contributed money to the Swift Boat Veterans and John Kerry was none to pleased. So Kerry used is influence to thwart Fox’s confirmation. When Congress went into Easter recess President Bush took the opportunity to make a recess appointment of Fox.

Now the Democrats are claiming that Bush acted illegally in the recess appointment and are calling for an investigation. The problem for the Democrats is that there is a long tradition for presidents making recess appointments. If the Fox case sounds familiar it is because a very similar thing happened in the Clinton administration. Clinton nominated James Hormel to be Ambassador to Luxembourg. Republicans thwarted his nomination because they were concerned that he was an outspoken homosexual. Clinton responded by making a recess appointment of Hormel.

Will the Democrats get away with attacking Bush for using what has become a well established presidential power? Will the press again treat this as if it is a legitimate scandal? Time will tell.

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