Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Letters From Losers

In today's Startribune Eric Jorgenson writes,

Joined by philosophy

So many reasons for Mitch Pearlstein to be pleased with himself (Commentary, March 9)! He disapproves of Ann Coulter! He's adopted a biracial daughter! He knows the meanings of hard words like "alliterative" and "larboard"! On a subsequent descent from Olympus perhaps Pearlstein will explain how he decides where to draw his lines of disapproval.

He's "not too thrilled" with Coulter, but she's gotten rich selling her shtick to dolts who mark their ballots as he marks his. He boasts of never having invited Coulter to address his think tank, but he's invited others who fawn on her.

Lacking the powers of discrimination possessed by these demigods, I find it convenient to revile them all uniformly.

Mr. Jorgenson entire argument is based on associational falicy, that is he is guilty of Ann Coulter's sins because people who support her vote the same way he does. The lack of logic of this argument can be seen if the same logic was used against Mr. Jorgenson. He probably voted for John Kerry, as did a vast majority of those found guilty of committing violent crimes. What does that say about him. Nothing of course, unless we use logic like him.

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