Thursday, March 15, 2007

Is Harry Reid Unpatriotic?

I find it amusing that every time I hear something about a Democrat being unpatriotic it is usually coming from a democrat. The conversation usually goes something like this:

Democrat: We should pass a nonbinding resolution stating our disapproval of the President's policy in Iraq.

Republican: That would embolden terrorists and encourage them to carry out more attacks on US troops.

Democrat: Stop calling me unpatriotic.

I have yet to hear any major republican calling any major democrat unpatriotic. Maybe that should change.

Take today's vote on Senator Reid's Iraq bill. The bill would have required US troops to be out of Iraq by the end of next March. While it is arguable to what degree, any time there is a debate and vote on a bill criticizing the mission of troops abroad it presents problems for the troops and their mission.

Troops in Iraq hearing politicians at home bicker about their mission can only have a negative impact on moral. Hearing prominent American politicians publicly disagree with the president will only encourage the enemy to step up attacks on our troops. They may be thinking that the bill failed today, but if we only kill more Americans it may pass in the future.

Now I'm not saying that voting on a bill to withdraw troops from Iraq is unpatriotic. It may well be that Reid and other Democrats believe that is the best policy for the nation and that it is worth the short-term problems it may bring about. The problem is that the bill did not even come near to passing, falling 11 short of the 60 needed to pass. Reid, being a crafty Majority leader, must have known early on that this bill would not pass. So why then would he force a debate and a vote on the bill that was not going to pass knowing of the negative consequences? Could it be that he places Democratic partisan politics above what is best for our nation and our troops. Would that be unpatriotic?

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